Manager and Instructor: Dr Mike Bar-Gil, Registered Chiropractor




Great short courses available to refresh or get you started in the world of massage technique. I found Dr Gil to be very helpful, demonstrative, and interactive. The best part is you get to try the technique once shown, thereby accomplishing the technique practically, and being shown corrections during that practical. Dr Gil was also very informative when it came to client/patient care, and correct use of table, space, and positioning. Thankfully, even though you have had a practical session, you are provided with recaps and info on all you did, to take home with you. 

Should I need to enhance my techniques, Dr Gil is definitely the person I will go back to time and time again. He is very personable, professional, and above all, gentle and patient with his students. Thank you Dr Gil for helping me to certify in Swedish Massage!

Dolly Cele to April 20

Dolly Cele
Hi Dr Mike
I would like to recommend the you for your passion and the techniques that you taught me during the course .
In my mind i just thought the massage and reflexology is one and the same thing but ive just realised that i knew nothing until i attended this course.
And the price is affordable in all your courses i just want to encourage you for such a great job. For opening my mind about the difference amongst all types of massages and teaching me that massage heals muscle problems so that means it steal falls under health needs keep it up .
I also like the quickest way you issue the certificate thanks this is your student Dolly Cele

 John C EllisBrilliant Swedish Massage Course Yesterday. I will definitely be back to learn other techniques soon. Thanks ‪#‎DMC‬!

Thank you so much DMC for an amazing experience. Learning ART techniques has definitely helped me in my Sports Massage. I would recommend them to everyone interested in adding value to what they already do in the massage world. Professional, friendly and well priced. Thank you again to your amazing team.

"We thoroughly enjoyed..the emphasis on the practical knowledge, the tips on how to treat and

read patients, and the guidance on the recommended procedure"- Marlize and Andrew

"Thank you Mike, some very nice techniques. I do look forward to incorporating them into my
massage routine. You have lovely energy and your work is very nice indeed.." - C. Carte

“I thoroughly enjoyed... it is ideal for people who are looking for a short yet informative course

in massage techniques by a trained professional" - L. Moodley

“The session was truly worth every minute. I am definitely interested in other sessions in future ” - S. Rajoo 

“thank you very much, really enjoyed the class- S. Davids 

“very informative. Especially correcting our posture.” Many thanks -D. Naicker   

“A great course. Lots of valuable information was shared!” - D. Pillay   

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